Hurricane Shutters – Types To Look For

If you are in the market for hurricane shutters, you may not be aware that there are many different types you can buy. These valuable pieces of technology can protect your windows from the strongest gusts. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, hurricane shutters can be one of the most economical and important options you can use to protect your home. Understanding the different types currently on the market is vital to helping you choose the right ones before the next storm approaches, so you can keep your family and your home safe from harm. 

Storm Panels

Storm panels use steel or aluminum panels to attach to the walls around windows or doors using bolts or tracks. The corrugated panels overlap to give each shutter maximum strength. These are some of the most inexpensive systems to install. They also can be removed, so the look of the home does not change when they are not being used. They can protect both doors and windows because they are so strong. 

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However, there are some drawbacks to storm panels as well. First, they must be stored, which can be a problem for families with limited storage in their homes. They may be hard to handle, and usually more than one person is required to hang these hurricane shutters. The sharp edges can be dangerous. If you buy a preowned home that used these panels, you may find that they are not properly installed or were cut improperly, leaving you to repair or reinstall a system that you thought was an asset to your home.

Accordion Systems

Accordion style hurricane shutters stay on the window when they are not in use. They unfold like according to cover the window when a storm comes. Because they are permanently affixed to the home, they do not require any extra storage space, and they allow the homeowner to prepare the home for a storm without extra assistance. The downside for many homeowners is the look, as certain home styles do not look good with these shutters. They also can break when being put in place because of the wheels used to place them. They are pricier than the panes. 

Roll-Down Options

Roll-down options attach above the window and have a box that stays permanently affixed to the home. When they are in use, the homeowner simply rolls them down into place using a push button or hand crank, and then locks them in position. They are able to be handled by one person, and offer excellent protection from stores. However, they rank as one of the most expensive systems and may require a battery backup if the power goes out. 

Bahama Style

Bahama style hurricane shutters are one piece and attach above the windows. When not in use they are propped open and provide shade for the window. They do not require extra storage space, and the average do-it-yourselfer can install them on his own. No special skills or strength are required to put them into use. However, older models can be weak, and they may block more light than you want from your home. They cannot protect doors, and some houses do not look right with them.