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Play Blackjack online for Complete Fun, Entertainment, and Amazing Rewards

Casino games have ruled over the nerves and senses of countless people across the globe. The games are interesting and played with skill and luck. Blackjack, one of the most widely played casino game can now be played online. Many popular field-based casinos, like live blackjack now have this game in their list. However, for someone who wants to play it, must learn the basics of the game. Read on the post to learn more about blackjack.

First and most important point to remember is that you play only against the dealer. You may have 2 – 6 players on the table but your only competitor is the dealer. If you beat the dealer, you win the bet and in case of a tie it is a push; meaning you retain your bet.

To start the game at a casino table, two to six players sit behind a semicircular table facing the dealer, who starts the game using from one to eight of a standard 52-card decks shuffled together. Players place their bets at every betting position, at the beginning of each round. For every betting position, up to three players can place their bets.

The game starts with players having two cards each initially with the value of their cards added together. All cards are counted as the numeric value shown on the card except for the face cards and aces. Face cards carry the value of 10 where as aces can have a value of either 1 or 11 depending on the player or the dealer’s wish.

Once everyone has received their initial 2 card hand, he may decide to either hit or stay. A hit means that the player wants to draw an additional card and stay means that the player is satisfied with his hand and doesn't want a card. The player or the dealer wins by scoring 21 or by getting closest to 21 without exceeding it. If the score of a player or dealer is more than 21 then it is called as busting or going bust meaning he loses the round. If a dealer goes bust then a player with score of 21 or less than 21 wins the round.

If a player is having an ace in his hand with a value of 11 then this is known as a soft hand because 11 plus the value of any other card will always be less than or equal to 21 and the player cannot go bust by taking an additional card. In other scenarios the hand is hard.

The most common rule of this card game is that the dealer stands on all 17s meaning if the dealer has less than 17, he has to hit and if the dealer has 17 or more, he has to stand, unless his hand is a soft 17. Here, soft 17 means that the dealer is having an ace in his hand which can be counted either as 1 or 11 depending upon the rules of that casino.
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